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"Good Service is Good Business!' ~Siebel Ad

Executive Virtual Assistance

"The Consummate Professional!"

As your premier Executive Virtual Assistant, SuperiorImage Consultations provides a varied of corporate administrative services that will ensure that your company is represented with quality and professional service. Many of the services that we provide are: Data Base Entries, Data Presentations, Email Management, Social Tasks, Travel Research & Planning, Corporate Customer Service, Bookkeeping, Business Research, Industry Knowledge Prep and much more.

Document Presentation

"Let us do the work for you!"

One of the most time consuming functions as you prepare for a big presentation or to submit documents is simply typing. SuperiorImage Consultations helps save you on time and money, while providing you with the best document presentation. We service typing services, powerpoint presentation, proofreading, dictation and transcription. Never have to worry about being short for time any longer! Let us do the work for you!

Professional Development Services

"The Talented You!"

So you have the drive...the skill set...the experience and knowledge, but you just can't get a call for an interview? SuperiorImage Consultations will assist you with presenting the best version of you possible. From Resume' Writing to Interview Prep Sessions to Dress For Success; we will make sure the you are noticed and ready for your next career adventure!